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Updated my HTML Validator

I’ve been procrastinating on my HTML Validator project. But no fear – I’ve now released v2.0.0. Version 2 uses w3.org’s new HTML checker (it all changed when I wasn’t looking!), and I’ve modified it so it’s more suitable for use

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Selenium, GhostDriver / PhantomJS and self-signed certificates

If you’re using self-signed HTTPS certificates and find your Selenium + GhostDriver (PhantomJS) scripts failing with a blank HTML page, you might need to tell PhantomJS to ignore SSL errors:- DesiredCapabilities dCaps = new DesiredCapabilities(); dCaps.setJavascriptEnabled(true); dCaps.setCapability(PhantomJSDriverService.PHANTOMJS_CLI_ARGS, new String[]{"–web-security=no", "–ignore-ssl-errors=yes"});

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Validating HTML source using Selenium and w3.org

So, you have an Ajax app and want some way to perform HTML validation. How about using Selenium (to ensure your Ajax app is rendered) and W3.org’s validator?

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