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Interprocess Akka

Akka allows for interprocess communication (be it on the same machine or elsewhere).

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Quick demo of Akka

Akka helps develop concurrent and scalable systems using a message-passing mechanism. It supports Scala and Java and there’s also an Akka.NET project. I’m investigating it to see how well it works when you have hundreds or thousands of workers in

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Hosting your SBT-built Java project on RedHat’s OpenShift platform

If you’re more of an OpenShift than Heroku fan, here’s how you can get your SBT-built Java project onto OpenShift. OpenShift has fewer dynos (“gears”) at the free tier (only 3) but they idle after 24 hours instead of 1,

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DropWizard and AWS

Time to make use of Amazon’s AWS offerings – specifically the Simple Storage Service. tl;dr / Executive Summary:- $ curl -L -O https://github.com/AndrewGorton/AwsFileStorage/archive/v1.0.0.zip $ unzip v1.0.0.zip $ cd AwsFileStorage-1.0.0 $ mvn package $ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY=<enter_your_aws_access_key_here> $ export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<enter_your_aws_secret_access_key_here> $ export

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Docker build machine for Maven/Java

Here’s a quick-ish way to create a Docker container which downloads and compiles the SimpleDropWizardEcho service I wrote for testing. But why would you do this? As discussed in my previous post, this creates a clean environment with no state

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