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Create and serve a Zip archive from within DropWizard

Do you want your DropWizard app to create and serve a zip archive to users? If you’ve got a lot of data then you should periodically create an archive and store it on a CDN for people to download. But

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Hosting your SBT-built Java project on RedHat’s OpenShift platform

If you’re more of an OpenShift than Heroku fan, here’s how you can get your SBT-built Java project onto OpenShift. OpenShift has fewer dynos (“gears”) at the free tier (only 3) but they idle after 24 hours instead of 1,

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Getting your SBT-built Java project onto Heroku

I love Heroku for quickly deploying and testing your applications. The free usage tier makes it no cost for simple applications, and the Git Push To Deploy mechanism is a great way to test your build environment isn’t using cached

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DropWizard to Twitter

A quick example of creating a DropWizard service to post to Twitter. You’ll need to register a new app with Twitter, and note down the API keys so it works with your account (instructions provided if you’ve never done this).

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DropWizard and AWS

Time to make use of Amazon’s AWS offerings – specifically the Simple Storage Service. tl;dr / Executive Summary:- $ curl -L -O https://github.com/AndrewGorton/AwsFileStorage/archive/v1.0.0.zip $ unzip v1.0.0.zip $ cd AwsFileStorage-1.0.0 $ mvn package $ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY=<enter_your_aws_access_key_here> $ export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<enter_your_aws_secret_access_key_here> $ export

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Docker build machine for Maven/Java – part 2

Slight improvement to the previous post about building using a Docker container. I’ve split it into two parts. The first part simply creates an image with OpenJDK 1.7, Maven 3.1.1, Git, tar, unzip and vim. The second part downloads the

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DropWizard performance and logging

I’ve been examining the performance of my project’s DropWizard microservices. If you set the default loglevel to debug, DropWizard is very chatty – which is not good for performance. Using Gatling to locally stress-test the service (eg both Gatling and

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