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Pokemon Go released in UK

Woohoo – Pokemon Go has been released in the UK. And it’s not asking for full access to my Google account either.

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Registers got announced at Sprint 16. I’ve been part of the team working on them.

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Processing CloudFront logs

If you want a nice graphical view of who’s hitting your CloudFront edge servers, then you can use GoAccess. On a Mac, it’s as simple as $ brew install goaccess $ brew install goaccess If you configure CloudFront logs to

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Storage reduction

I’ve been going through my boxes of stuff I’ve collected over the years. And here’s an example of how technology has progressed – on the left is a 3.5″ IDE hard drive with a capacity of 4gb. The orange thing

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BackWPup to S3 – IAM policy

If you’re planning on using BackWPUp to backup to Amazon’s S3 storage service, here’s an IAM policy which has worked for me.

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