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Create and serve a Zip archive from within DropWizard

Do you want your DropWizard app to create and serve a zip archive to users? If you’ve got a lot of data then you should periodically create an archive and store it on a CDN for people to download. But

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Updated my HTML Validator

I’ve been procrastinating on my HTML Validator project. But no fear – I’ve now released v2.0.0. Version 2 uses’s new HTML checker (it all changed when I wasn’t looking!), and I’ve modified it so it’s more suitable for use

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Interprocess Akka

Akka allows for interprocess communication (be it on the same machine or elsewhere).

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Quick demo of Akka

Akka helps develop concurrent and scalable systems using a message-passing mechanism. It supports Scala and Java and there’s also an Akka.NET project. I’m investigating it to see how well it works when you have hundreds or thousands of workers in

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Take your webapp offline

In a previous project, we needed information from farmers about what crops they had on their land. As a digital-first service, this was all done via a web UI. Having taken the app out to user testing, we found that

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A training records app using Neo4J

Neo4J is possibly the most well-known graph-based databases. That means it’s not your traditional tables, columns and rows – instead, it stores things as nodes and relationships amongst them. Having watched a presentation about it at QCon London 2015, I

Internet Connected Plant Pot

I got an Arduino Yun so I could play around with it. Given my chilli plant has recently died, I’ve used it and a soil moisture sensor to tell me if I need to water the plant.

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Google Cloud DNS – Java SDK sample

So, you want to use Google Cloud DNS? It’s not as polished as Amazon’s Route 53 service, to the point where the UI doesn’t display your entries, nor allow you to edit them. The command line tool even fires up

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Building an image with an artifact inside it on a Mac

Prior to Docker 1.3, you couldn’t mount your Mac directories into your container. This is because Docker itself ran in a VirtualBox environment (boot2docker started this VM), so attempts to mount directories would be referencing the VM. Sure, there were

Selenium, GhostDriver / PhantomJS and self-signed certificates

If you’re using self-signed HTTPS certificates and find your Selenium + GhostDriver (PhantomJS) scripts failing with a blank HTML page, you might need to tell PhantomJS to ignore SSL errors:- DesiredCapabilities dCaps = new DesiredCapabilities(); dCaps.setJavascriptEnabled(true); dCaps.setCapability(PhantomJSDriverService.PHANTOMJS_CLI_ARGS, new String[]{"–web-security=no", "–ignore-ssl-errors=yes"});

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