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97 things every programmer should know

O’Reilly have put their “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know” project online. Contributions appearingĀ  in the book are available under a Creative Commons license. You can read them at I like “97: Write Code as If You Had to

Test Driven Development or Test Last Development

Here’s an interesting read which points to a September 2016 study which compares Test Driven Development versus Test Last Development. It said:- The conclusion of the original study is that TDD does not affect testing effort, external software quality, and

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Pokemon Go released in UK

Woohoo – Pokemon Go has been released in the UK. And it’s not asking for full access to my Google account either.

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Registers got announced at Sprint 16. I’ve been part of the team working on them.

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Processing CloudFront logs

If you want a nice graphical view of who’s hitting your CloudFront edge servers, then you can use GoAccess. On a Mac, it’s as simple as $ brew install goaccess $ brew install goaccess If you configure CloudFront logs to

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Storage reduction

I’ve been going through my boxes of stuff I’ve collected over the years. And here’s an example of how technology has progressed – on the left is a 3.5″ IDE hard drive with a capacity of 4gb. The orange thing

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Create and serve a Zip archive from within DropWizard

Do you want your DropWizard app to create and serve a zip archive to users? If you’ve got a lot of data then you should periodically create an archive and store it on a CDN for people to download. But

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Updated my HTML Validator

I’ve been procrastinating on my HTML Validator project. But no fear – I’ve now released v2.0.0. Version 2 uses’s new HTML checker (it all changed when I wasn’t looking!), and I’ve modified it so it’s more suitable for use

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Interprocess Akka

Akka allows for interprocess communication (be it on the same machine or elsewhere).

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Quick demo of Akka

Akka helps develop concurrent and scalable systems using a message-passing mechanism. It supports Scala and Java and there’s also an Akka.NET project. I’m investigating it to see how well it works when you have hundreds or thousands of workers in

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